Jania Floyd - Coffee with Karen Giveaway Winner May 30th

Jania Flody

Gastonia, North Carolina

Jania Floyd is a middle school student at Victory Christian Academy. 


Trevian Curry

Gastonia, North Carolina

Trevian Curry is a High School Senior at Ashbrook High School


Kalaya Taylor

Gastonia, North Carolina

Kalaya Taylor is an Elementary School Student at New Hope Elementary School.


Jaylen Woods

Gastonia, North Carolina

Jaylen Woods is a High School Student at Ashbrook High School.


Adriona Williams

Charlotte, North Carolina

Adriona Williams is an elementary student at University Park Creative Arts


Airionna Pressley

Mt. Holly, NC

Airionna Pressley is an Elementary School Student at Mt. Holly Elementary School


Juneteenth Winner

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Juneteenth Winner info coming soon!



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Jania Floyd: May 30th Winner

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