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Building Daisies: Releasing the Queen in You

Building Daisies speaks to the dormant queenly attributes hidden by our own persona, behavior, and disposition. The soul intent of this reading is to awaken the distinctive queenly qualities every woman internally possesses from the beginning of time.

At the end of each chapter, a descriptive queenly attribute is placed to initiate your plan and plot your path to the destined and ordained place of a queenly women. Let this reading be purposeful and meaningful by taking what I call a “Petal Moment’ to reacquaint yourself with your queenly nature. Be restored from the secret shattered place to the queenly estates where beautiful daisies demonstrate befitting behavior that is captivated by all and admired by many. It is your time, your moment and your season to release the queen in you.

Desperate Church Wives

While I know not all women are married to a man, we are all married to something, whether it is our church, children, job, or hobbies. I find the idea of Desperate Church Wives applicable to every woman in ministry. As you read these short essays you will encounter so much symbolism relevant to your own faith journey. The commonalities among women are so great in the church, yet we are so divided. One would think that our sense of struggle would bind us in a collective purpose towards a greater good, yet we are perplexed to find continued challenges that seem to hinder God’s Kingdom.

This piece speaks to my passionate desire to witness to women regardless of race, color, or creed who transform the people around them. With that being said, I understand that transformation must first begin within us. The contents of these pages reflect some of my personal encounters as a pastor’s wife, but also serve to illustrate the struggles and challenges encountered by all women serving in ministry. I have chosen to be candid at times, while remaining dedicated to the single purpose of pushing you to become more for the Kingdom.

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